Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Destiny Newton Still WAG-ing [Photos]

Former Bachelor ‘contestant’ Shawntel Newton uploaded a few photos to her Facebook fan page early this morning EST. Big deal, right? Um, if you are into gossipy NFL gossip then the photos were reminders that Aaron Rodgers is straight and likes boobs. You see, Shawntel’s sister is Destiny. Yes, the parents were kinda trippy with the names of their girls.

Anyway, it seems Rodgers had the Newton sisters out to visit Lambeau last week. The talk-sports.net message board soon lit up.

It didn’t take long for the haters to start taking jabs at Destiny’s clothing choice for Packers-Cardinals.

I don’t have anything against Destiny or anyone else for that matter but even I was a little surprisedĀ  by the white cut-off shorts…I didn’t think they looked very nice for a football game…I’m not saying you have to get dressed up for a football game obviously…but at least dress a little neater…JMO !

And more.

The whole cutoffs and boyfriend’s jersey reminds me of what a high schooler would wear to her boyfriend’s varsity football game, a walking advertisement for “look who I am banging.”

Wonder how many Packer wives play dress up like that. My guess it’s slim to none.

So there you have it. One of the last Super Bowl winning QBs still on the market seems to still be interested in the tramp stamped off-season road beef. Good for these kids. We hate to see summer romance destroyed by time zones, message board haters and stupid football games.


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