One Chiefs Fan Fighting 3 Ravens Fans Is Fantastic! [Video]


There are plenty of NFL fan fights each year, but already in 2011 we are seeing the advancement of technology and NFL fan fights. Take this incident Friday night in Baltimore where Chiefs fan squared off with a pack of whiteboy Ray-Ray fans. Normally a cellphone video of such confrontations is useless because it’s pixelated, the sound is miserable and the videographer misses the KO punch.

Not tonight, kids. We’ve got it all. And great lighting!

Posted: Friday night

Premise of Video: Someone cracks on someone’s fantasy team name and it’s on!

Climax of Video: Notice the sound quality when bandana dude starts swinging on Ravens fan who jumps bad. It’s like a flag whipping in the wind. We can hear the cracks. Kudos to Apple for finally advancing the iPhone to this level of quality. Amazing!

Conclusion: Pretty sure Ravens fan went home and got some aspirin for that headache. Folks, these preseason games are no joke. There are very cheap or FREE tickets to be had. Night games. Friday night, to boot. 21-to-26-year-old guy has been drinking since 4:00 after getting off work sorting boxes at UPS. It’s a powder keg.

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