Taiwanese Animators Tackle The U Booster Scandal [Video]

As if you couldn’t guess this one was coming. Taiwanese animators, best known for their Tiger Woods’ YouTube video, might have outdone themselves this time. The animated Nevin Shapiro looks lifelike and you even get two white hoes on a bed in what looks like a DormDare.com video. Once again it’s amazing how talented these storytellers are with complex American sports stories.

Before long CNN will be replaced by 3D animations and that might not be a bad thing.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Taiwanese animators doing what Taiwanese animators do when American sports go awry.

Climax of Video: That death penalty part at the end is quite vivid.

Conclusion: Did they ever tackle that Rex Ryan foot fetish scandal? How about a Taiwanese animators’ 30 For 30? Gotta happen – soon.