This Gym Teacher Jacking It Outside Ruby Tuesdays? [Cuff ‘Em]

Got ourselves a nice Cuff ‘Em this morning that revolves around a North Carolina gym teacher, a Ruby Tuesday’s and a 35-year-old witness who says he saw Michael Lennell Wallace jacking it. Before we go any further, let’s digest that middle name. Lennell? WTF is that all about? Total guess: Lennell used to get his ass kicked in school, decided to go out for the football team, got his ass kicked there and eventually became a gym teacher. Ladies, word is that this guy is hung like a jalapeno popper.

From the Hickory Record:

Michael Lennell Wallace, 54, of 1750 20th Avenue Dr. NE, Hickory, was arrested at his home about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday after a witness gave police Wallace’s license tag number and a description, police said. Wallace is a teacher at Parkland High School.

The 35-year-old witness told Hickory police officers he was driving on US 70, when he saw someone about 4:45 p.m. standing on the side of the road in a grassy area in front of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant, police said.

The man was masturbating, the witness told police. The witness pulled over and called police, then approached the man and asked what he was doing. According to police reports, the man said, “What are you going to do about it?” then got into a car and drove away.

Hmm, wonder how Lennell decided to jack it to a Ruby Tuesdays? Is that random or is this some sort of sexual retaliation for a bad plate of ribs? We’re pretty sure there’s more to this story like Lennell’s wife left him about a year ago and his spanking ‘capades have been evolving ever since.

Good news for unemployed Hickory gym teachers looking for a gig. Lennell’s job is about to become an opening.

[Teacher busted for indecent exposure]