Playboy’s Tiffany Toth Once Smuggled Beer Into Angels Game [5 Questions]

Though she is very comfortable naked and loves the beach, Tiffany Toth, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for September, has never put the two together.

“I haven’t ever been fully naked on the beach. I know it’s surprising,” Toth, 25, said.

When Tiffany is not dropping her clothes for Playboy, the native of Orange County, California is a make-up artist and spokesmodel. You can see her love for the beach (and nudity) in the Playboy’s September issue on newsstands now and online at, and on

After first gaining exposure as a Playboy Cyber Girl, Toth was named a Playmate after continued photo sessions done for the bunny brand showed her physical assets were worth featuring more prominently.

“People think we just get naked and look pretty, but it’s harder than it looks,” Toth said of posing. “You cramp up when you are in one position for a while.”

We asked Tiffany about her love for the Los Angeles Angels, her sexting rules and how to get past ‘hello’ with her.

You went from Cyber Girl to Playmate. What does that mean to you, and who is the first person you told?

It’s been a process. I did online stuff for Playboy first, then they decided that I was ready to be a Playmate. Once I found out I was Miss September, I called my mom. She knew I wanted it. She was very supportive and excited for me, as was the rest of my family.

You’re an Angels fan. How did that happen? Was it the Rally Monkey?

I do love the Rally Monkey! I grew up going to Angels games. I go for the food though, and to hang out; it’s sort of like there just happens to be a baseball game going on when I am there (laughs).

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you at an Angels game?

I got kicked out once. I smuggled in a few beers. They take that stuff seriously. I like the larger size (beers) and they don’t have them, so we brought our own beers, but we got busted.

What Angels players, other pro athletes or celebrities have been flirting with you since you’ve been running in the Playboy circles? What athletes have been asking you out to dinner?

Honestly, none. I am not really into celebrities. Half the time, I wouldn’t know who they are anyway. …Guys in L.A. are funny that way. They are always the brother or cousin of someone famous who I don’t even know. They are big on the name-dropping. It’s pretty lame.

You recently attended the Mid-summer party at the Mansion. Tell us about it and the other Playboy parties you’ve been to.

There was a lot of lingerie. All the girls wear lingerie to those parties. It’s not competitive, but everyone wants to look good. There is great music. LMFAO performed and (of the Black Eyed Peas) was there. I stayed at the Mansion before and after. It was great.

By going to, almost anyone can see you naked. Does that make guys whom you date less likely to ask you to send them naked pics via cell phone?

I don’t think so. It’s more personal when it’s a candid shot rather than a picture everyone can see.

Have you ever sent one?

Of course. Everyone has, right? (Laughs)

Tell us how to outkick our coverage: How does a guy who is of average attractiveness/means make an impression on you?

Be confident, but not cocky. It’s not about the money you have or who you know; be nice. I am more into down-to-earth guys.

What’s the most uncomfortable you’ve ever been while posing, naked or otherwise?

I was shooting in Chicago for Playboy in January and I was naked and outside. It was pretty cold and I didn’t have a whole lot around to keep me protected. The worst part is that they never used the pictures, so I suffered for nothing.

You are also a make-up artist. While most guys don’t wear make-up, what general tip can you give them about their looks?

You’d be surprised at how many guys wear make-up. When you are on a set, guys get scared of the make-up brush; it’s like: ‘It’s only a brush.’…I think good grooming is important. If you have big, bad, bushy eyebrows, pluck or trim them; get them threaded. Make a little effort, you know?

What would people find most surprising about you?

Probably that I am very domesticated. I like to stay home and cook and interior decorate. I don’t go to clubs and party. I am a lot more normal than people imagine. People seem to think Playboy models just party and go to clubs…I hope to eventually open a bakery.

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