Ex-Raiderette & Cop Nicole Rosenstiel: I Was Sexually Harrassed [Photos]

As you’d expect of a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, Nicole Rosenstiel is pretty good looking.

She’ll also bust your ass up… or at least that used to be the case.

After her Raiderette days, Rosenstiel became a cop. She worked for the┬áVacaville Police, which she’s now suing for sexual harassment — to the tune of $1.5 million.

She claims she was subject to lewd comments because her co-workers knew she used to be a cheerleader (insert your own lewd comment here).

According to the suit, during a change of shift one day, a sergeant “asked for a show of hands by those officers who wanted to see plaintiff naked,” the suit says. One officer told Rosenstiel in front of other officers, “Nice rack,” according to the complaint.

“Her supervisor told her that she should not work out in the department’s gym because she would draw attention to herself because of her appearance,” the suit said. “Altered photographs of her and Oakland Raiders ‘Raiderettes’ were posted with a caption, ‘Stay away from my daddy, bitch.’ “

I’ll insert mine here.

I’d love to see Rosenstiel naked. She certainly has a nice rack and should take the compliment in stride.

And hell, I notice you have some handcuffs there…

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

Rosenstiel has been on unpaid leave since 2009. She’s also been — surprise! — charged with fraud.

Rosenstiel’s lawsuit also says she was falsely accused of workers’ compensation fraud after she was hurt in a police defensive tactics class. After being returned to full duty, she realized she was still injured, but the city denied her a medical retirement or a return to light-duty status, the suit says.

She filed a complaint with the city, which prompted an internal affairs investigation that led to Solano County prosecutors charging her with 10 felony counts of fraud for allegedly filing false workers’ compensation claims. The charges were dismissed this year.

We’re pretty sure Rosenstiel is in no way trying to get a large sum of money so she never has to work again. That would completely go against any sort of pattern.

At 35, she probably can’t go back to cheerleading, though. If her lawsuit fails, she could always hook up with Al Davis and his crazy pustule face.

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