Brock Lesnar Pumping Prairie Dogs Full Of Lead – Seriously [Video]

The headline is legit. This is a video from Fusion ammunition featuring the UFCer Brock Lesnar blasting caps into prairie dogs in Bismarck, North Dakota. We’re going to stay away from the fight that is about to ensue between animal rights activists and gun-toters who’ll defend Brock as just another man out to feed his children. Does he even have kids?  Doesn’t matter, does it?

Anyway, prairie dogs die, so if you are sensitive to animal death this video isn’t for you.

Posted: Aug. 17, 2011

Premise of Video: (via Fusion ammunition) The bluebird skies and moderate temperatures made for ideal conditions as the former champ tag teamed with his brother Chad for a day of varmint hunting. The two shot several calibers from the 17HMR to .223, .22-250, and a 50 caliber Barrett BMG at prairie dogs ranging from 50 to 400 yards.

“Prairie dog hunting is not only fun, but it’s a cure for the summertime blues” says Lesnar. “I get great practice with my firearms, ammunition, and optics… I can’t wait for the fall whitetail season to begin.”

Asked when MMA fans will see the heavyweight contender in the octagon again, the former champ replied “sooner than later.”

Climax of Video: “There was definitely some disintegration going on today.”

Conclusion: We’re not very knowledgeable about guns. Are those giant rifles and scopes necessary to kill prairie dogs? Drive along a Texas road and you could kill them with bricks. They’re everywhere.