“You Need Rings, We Need You!” Chinese Tell LeBron James [Photos]


The Chinese love their basketball, that’s for sure. They also love packing into small areas like sardines in a can, but that’s probably because they’re used to such things.

The Chinese have been demonstrating their love for basketball this week by cramming into spaces that apparently have no capacity limit.


To catch a glimpse of one LeBron James, who’s touring the country with his entourage and playing a little ball for the locals. Apparently, the the NBA playoffs aren’t broadcast in China.

Otherwise, we can’t imagine why they’d react this way for a fourth-quarter no-show like James. An assassin like Kobe Bryant? Sure. Their countryman Yao Ming? Absolutely. A legend like Michael Jordan? Damn straight.

But the most overrated superstar of his generation, LeBron James?

Take, for example, the above photo with the Chinese youth holding the “You need rings, we need you” poster. What does it all mean? Do you morons realize that the guy has never won a big game in his NBA career? Like, came down the court and put a championship ring on a teammate’s finger.

Would trading LeBron to China for a few treasury bond write-offs fly with the Red Army. After what happened today on the stock market it might be time to look into making it happen.

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