Strippers At Rick’s NYC Want To Party With Keegan Bradley [Photos]


As if reading our minds, longtime Busted Coverage supporter Lonnie Hanover sends word from his Rick’s Cabaret NYC office that PGA Champion Keegan Bradley (a huge Howard Stern fan) is officially invited to the club to celebrate his victory. Yesterday we mentioned how sad it is that Keegan hasn’t been able to really let loose with that Wanamaker trophy. Um, it seems that Rick’s is about to blow the mind of this 25-year-old major champion. We hear Ukrainian women love golf.

BC had mentioned that Keegan was lacking the ultimate experience of winning a huge golf tourney and seemed like he wanted to get nuts with the Wanamaker. One thing led to another and we were facilitating Keegan Bradley night at Rick’s. According to Lonnie, any fan of Howard’s is a friend of Rick’s.

Well, son, here is your moment to shine.

The official release:


The Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls want Keegan Bradley to visit them at the famous tri-level gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan and promise him a “night he will never forget.”

“It’s awesome that he won, and we appreciate his accomplishment. I personally can’t wait to take my clothes off and give him the greatest lap dance he ever got,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alexandra.

I can tell that Keegan wants to let loose and really party,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly. “And we’re experts at that.”

“We get celebrities and athletes here all the time. We know how to please them. Keegan will love me and all the hot girls here. I guarantee it,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Elise.

“I don’t really know much about golf, but I think he’s cute,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina.

“Tell him to bring the Wanamaker Trophy,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Erica. “We will drink some champagne out of it with him,” she suggested.

Your move, Bradley. Don’t let us down. Take it from us, that place is spectacular and you won’t meet a better host in the entertainment industry. Lonnie is a hero to men everywhere.


[Rick’s NYC]

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