Nebraska’s CornFinger Looks Suspiciously Like The Shocker [Photos]


Some Nebraska Cornhuskers fans have come up with a hand gesture/salute for their team known as the CornFinger, which looks suspiciously like the shocker.

If you’re not familiar with the shocker, follow along with me. Looking at the palm of your left hand, lower your ring finger so the tip is touching it, bring your thumb in so it rests on top of your ring finger and say “two in the pink and one in the stink!”

Yeah, it’s a sexual gesture. Consider yourself in the know.

Anyway, the CornFinger…

In order to perform this gesture you simply lower the pinky to the palm on your right hand. Seems like you could say three in the pink if you wanted to.

We’re sure the people who came up with the CornFinger had no such thing in mind though. They tell it like this.

CornFinger is a hand gesture that resembles and ear of corn and represents and supports Nebraska and its farmers, its University and its students and alumni.

Hmmm… you’ve just confirmed my suspicion that this is a hand gesture rather than a finger gesture. Why isn’t it called the CornHand?

Let me answer my own question. Because then you couldn’t come up with wacky slogans to impress your bros like “Give the Big 10 the CornFinger.”

It’s like you’re telling the rest of the conference to fuck off, but only awesome people from Nebraska will know it!

Haha! Good one, brah! You are the man now, dog!

Well, from the rest of the Big 10, here’s a message for you. Take your CornFinger and shove it up your CornHole.


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