Knox City Greyhounds Superfan Makes World Debut [Video]


You might see another video of this guy floating around the Internet today, but we went with the one where Knox City Greyhounds superfan (Darryl?) is using that football jersey as a bib. Dude is pumped for the Knox City football season. Knox City really is a Texas city in the middle of nowhere. Look at this Google Map and realize this is a huge moment for superfan. He’s about to become a cult hero from a town of 1,200.

Here it is, toothless dude’s debut!

Posted: Aug. 16, 2011

Premise of Video: When you live in Knox City, Texas the big dream must be to one day make it out of this hellhole. But not for Darryl. He’s got the blood in his body and football remains his passion. Sure, there have been a few toothes lost over the years, but he’s still gots the passion. Time to make a few videos to share that excitement.

Climax of Video: The end of this masterpiece is fantastic and had us biting our lips. Would he drop a Ric Flair “WOOOOOOO?”

Conclusion: Of course we’ll be efforting Darryl to see what his story is and encourage him to drop f-bombs.

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