Colts Player’s SUV Plastic Wrapped, Packed With Peanuts [Photos]


We’re still trying to figure out who had this stellar prank pulled on his SUV, but one member of the Indianapolis Colts showed up to Anderson University this morning to this. Not only was the ride filled with thousands of shipping peanuts, but it was also plastic wrapped. Ahh, those training camp pranks. Jason Garrett wouldn’t stand for this kind of crap. Same with Jack Del Rio.

The NFL will obviously be investigating this hazing. Heads will roll.

Of course kicker Pat McAfee was in on this one – we think. Everyone is being extra quiet as to not put a target on himself.

Hahaha wild night in Anderson

Then the footballers made the Anderson college kids clean it up.

The investigation into who’s ride this is continues. Pierre Garcon uploaded pics to his Facebook account but has yet to reveal a name. We’ve even efforted our Colts superfan Kevin the Intern and he’s clueless.

Have a name for us? Yes, this really matters. Google works wonderfully when you have a name in the headline.


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