Oregon Corner Cliff Harris & QB Darron Thomas Smokin’ Some Weed [Video]


The Oregon news media went after and received a police dash cam video of the June stop of Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris. Dude was going 118-mph. So no story other than the crazy traffic ticket, right? Wrong. Guess who was also in the car? None other than UO QB Darron Thomas. What the hell is that smell? Someone smokin’ some weed in this car? Um, yeah. As for Chip Kelly, he’s had enough of your questions.

Chipster is on the record saying Thomas is best leaders he’s been around.

“Darron Thomas is the leader of this football team,” Kelly said. “There is absolutely no question about it. He’s as good as I’ve been around.”

Posted: August 16, 2011

Premise of Video: Harris gets pulled over, the cop smells some weed, starts asking questions and before long the cop puts two and two together. Eventually he realizes he has a couple of Chipsters boys Up In Smoke.

Climax of Video: “We smoked it all.”

Conclusion: Your move, Miami.

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