Lionel Messi Marries Antonella Roccuzzo? [Photos]

It’s a story that has all of Argentina on edge. Did Lionel Messi actually run off this summer to Ibiza and marry some chick named Antonella Roccuzzo? There’s some radio dude down in Argentina tweeting about it and claiming he’ll close his Twitter account if the report is false.

What we do know is that Lionel and his (wife?) were photographed on a yacht the other day and both were wearing rings on the traditional wedding ring finger.

Look at the left photo above. That’s a ring, right?

According to

Within minutes, these tweets are spread around the world and even in writing SPORT Argentine journalists received calls asking for more information. Therefore, we contacted a family member of the Argentine player, who quickly got absolutely denied the possibility.

Since this summer when the couple appeared in photos wearing what appeared to Ibiza were engagement rings, began running the rumors, which have now been challenged by the family of Leo Messi.

Are any of you up-to-date on Argentinian engagement practices? Does the man wear an engagement ring? Maybe we’re just morons and these two swapped friendship bands and this is typical in their homeland.

Let us know.

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