Keegan Bradley’s Giant Red Cup – The Wanamaker Trophy [Photos]

You know what’s sad about PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley and his Wanamaker trophy partying tour? The lack of ladies clamoring to run their hands over his shoulders. There are no shirtless pics of Bradley jumping on a Foxwoods bar to show off his dong runway. An American golfer finally wins a major, parties with his trophy and barely a second of it is noticed.

It’s sad, really, because it seems Bradley wants to go nuts. Chicks on each arm. Drinking a magnum with Mark Cuban.

Sorry, brah.

The 25-year-old seems to be your typical Boston fan who wants to be known as ‘one of those guys.’ He has the Sox cap. The proper attire. The private planes. 34,000 Twitter followers. But not the groupies. It’s as if this country has no idea how to treat a champion golfer not named Tiger or Phil.

For God’s sake, people, the guy is slamming beers out of this trophy and media outlets have barely noticed. Is this what we all want from our new American golfers. Do we want the guy who isn’t afraid to rip the cover off a trophy and slam Stella.

Tiger never did that. Same with Phil. In fact, you’re probably looking at a first. Golf used to be about keeping your mouth shut, playing rounds and checking the morning papers to see what your stocks are doing.

Now we have a champion treating the Wanamaker like his own personal Stanley Cup. Get used to it.


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That’s OK, We Like Our Cubs Chicks A Little Dopey [Morning Twitpic]
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