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How KCAL’s Sports Chick Jaime Maggio Wins Ratings Wars – See Thru! [Photos]

We actually have no idea if KCAL is the ‘#1 Station For Sports In L.A.?’ Let’s just say they are because Jaime Maggio works there. She has that flowing blonde hair. That insane necklace. The tan. And that fantastic see-thru top that is sending us subliminal messages. Bobby Abreu news? Could care less.

Jaime could be reading the menu from the local Chinese joint – Yum Yummy – and our asses would be mesmerized.

Posted: Aug. 15, 2011

Premise of Video: There is a guy on YouTube who tracks the hottest chicks on television news in Los Angeles and BC is a big fan of his work. A few days ago YouTube guy caught up with Jaime Maggio and her see-thru report.

Climax of Video: The director goes to the desk shot and our jaws hit the floor. BOOM!

Conclusion: New favorite sportscaster. Competition is over.


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