2011 Must-Have Tailgating Item – The Ice Luge [19 Photos]

Yes, the same ice luge was a must-have for 2010 tailgating and regains its title this year. No, we don’t get a cut from the sales of the Ice Booze Luge. However, we are owners of a fine Luge. Kevin The Intern actually owns one of these beasts and says his Purdue parties haven’t been the same since. Just imagine a chick’s reaction when she lays eyes on that tube of ice. Folks, Kevin says his sex sessions – during the school year – went from 0 to 8 in the first week of ownership. This thing has magical powers.

“I was never getting laid,” Kevin tells us. “Not shit, I get this delivered, had it frozen by 9 and was pounding a Purdue cheerleader by 2 a.m.”

If this thing can improve Kev’s sex life to those extremes, just think of what this could do for your tailgates. Root for Wisconsin and stand outside in 22-degree temps in late November? Nothing warms up the ladies like putting their mouth on the Luge and taking a shot.

And, don’t forget, you can color your luge to specific team colors. Boise blue turf? Um, Boise blue Luge. The ladies will go nuts.

The boys over at Luge haven’t raised the prices. $59.99 still makes you an owner.

[Ice Booze Luge]

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