WAGs Aida Yespica & Melissa Satta Are Beefing [48 Photos]


Briefly – Aida Yespica is a Venezuelan-born model who is better known for driving Italian men nuts on TV, YouTube and in lad mags. She used to WAG for futboler Matteo Ferrari. They had a little curly hair WAG baby but split a couple years later. Then along comes U.S.-born Melissa Satta, who just happens to be the hottest chick on the planet. She’s the new ‘it’ chick in Italy.

Yep, Satta and Ferrari are drilling some balls into the five-hole, according to Italian gossipers. Yep, Yespica is pissed.

(Today we give you a Yespica gallery. Tomorrow there will be the Satta gallery to keep things equal.)

One translation of what’s going down in this battle.

According to the weekly Top, Aida was insulted by sms Melissa, also because the defender is still in love and suffers because he does not consider it the most.

And another.

According to friends in love with Aida is still suffering because of Matthew:“It ‘still in love with Matthew and suffers because he does not consider it the most.Aaron says that when she speaks of her father to cry. “ Then go on to say: “Aida can no longer find a man who truly loves, and perhaps for this reason, continues to think of Matthew and the complicity that united them.”

Google News Italy is swamped with multiple reports on these crazy kids. Have your Italian translator handy.

And you guys think having a WAG is a walk in the park. First they rape your Visa account and then you knock one up. The next thing you know it’s futbol season and she’s bitching in your ear every night about being lonely and tired of changing diapers. Ok, so you get her a nanny. Doesn’t help. Two years go by and you come to your senses. Satta walks into your life via some promotional gig. One thing leads to another and you’re sleeping with the hottest chick on the planet.

Only problem is that you’ll be paying for the oops baby until he’s 18. Are you willing to trade the poon for the payouts? Your call.

[Aida Yespica – Wikipedia]

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