Tony Romo Bachelor Party Included Hide-And-Seek [Video]


If you thought the Tony Romo Wedding Video was a horrible disgrace to men around the world, you really need to brace yourself for the news of what went down at the guy’s bachelor party. Lisp-er, and 24-year-old toolbag, Graham Besinger recently sat down with Romo to dive into his head. There were softly asked questions, a Jimmy Falwell-esque set and Graham seemingly about to break into tears. Then it happens. The moneyshot. Tony explains what he and the boys did in West Virginia.

Posted: Within the last few days

Premise of Video: Graham has a bunch of softball questions for Tony and Tony’s reps figured this would be a nice, safe place to make their client seem hip. Then Graham gets uncomfortable with bachelor party questions.

Climax of Video: No drinking? WTF is he talking about. 14-15 guys in a cabin without beer? And you start playing hide-and-seek. And the man of the hour wins both times. This guy will never win the Super Bowl – EVER! HE’LL NEVER WIN! NO WAY!

Conclusion: Colt McCoy is probably the biggest Bible thumper amongst starting NFL QBs and we’re pretty sure he and Shipley at least went fishing.

[HT: Sportress]

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