Tony Hawk Finally Gets This Trophy Back After 31 Years [Photo]


Way back in the day Tony Hawk placed second in some random skating event and won a trophy that was eventually stuffed into a garage only to be ignored. That trophy was returned to him this week after 31 years. It wasn’t stolen or even lost, really. It was just forgotten about for a really long time.

According to Hawk’s Twitter account:

A family bought the house I grew up in, found this in the garage & returned it: 1979-1980 2nd place ASPO amateur

While we doubt it’s his most cherished trophy, it is a fine piece of nostalgia. The Hawk memorabilia world isn’t enormous, but you can still get at least $450 for a 1989 board signed by the legend.

Due to it’s age, scarcity and new found notoriety, our in-house collectibles experts say the trophy would fetch between $900 and $1100 at the right auction.

[Tony Hawk – Twitter]

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