Is Tulsa Tower Guy The Best Black U.S. Gymnast Ever? [15 Photos]


Imagine walking around and hanging from a radio tower – for six days. No water. 100-degree heat. No food. No shade. Sleeping one slip away from death. That’s what’s going on in Tulsa, Oklahoma where William Sturdivant has been going strong and shows no signs of wanting to come down. WATCH LIVE FEED OF RESCUE ATTEMPT – HERE.

This craziness has the BC office buzzing with one question, “Is this guy the best black gymnast in U.S. history?” If you count balance beam.

Via the Daily Mail:

He is said to have hopped over a protective fence and scaled the Clear Channel radio tower on Thursday morning around 11am.

While he is not believed to be suicidal, officials are concerned for his welfare because the last time he had water was on Friday and until today he had been refusing offers of food and drink, Fox News reported.

A crowd of people is said to have gathered on the ground below him and a local restaurant is even said to have offered a ‘Tower Guy’ five-topping pizza yesterday to mark his fifth day.

As you can see, he was wearing clothes at the beginning of this ordeal. All but the boxers remain. Again, no water and 100-degree heat for 6 days. Boss!

Please, God, let William live or this blog will probably haunt us for a few years. Also, understand that this has been going on for multiple days and at this point we’re shocked he hasn’t died.

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