Dumbest Jets Chicks You’ve Ever Seen? [Video]


Yeah, it’s a slow sports day unless Jim Thome hitting his 600th gets you juiced up, so we’ll pound the Jets-Texans game into the ground. We all remember the USC cheerleader cheering when Texas scored a TD in the Rose Bowl. Now comes the Jets Bimbo Squad cheering like a juice-head Texan just bought them a round of vodka & cranberries. You two are a disgrace to all those women out there who’ve worked hard to learn the sport and earn the right to hang with us men in the family room in the fall. 

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: As you can see, 2nd quarter of a worthless preseason game. Then some running back scores a touchdown, via Leinart’s legendary left arm. Time to scan the crowd for all 150 Texans fans jumping up and down. Wait, WTF? Jets chicks?

Climax of Video: Jen & Blair go nuts as their favorite team score a TD.

Conclusion of Video: As the vlogger mentions, “Wow, what dumb bitches.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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