Steelers-Skins Preseason Opener Highlighted By Puker [Video]

The Redskins and Steelers got together for some preseason football Friday night and the locals were raring to go for night football. Rex Grossman was under center. Santana Moss was catching touchdown passes and the fans were pounding $8.75 drafts (seriously, that’s what they are up to in Detroit). One ‘Skins fan, pictured, had a few too many and it seems DJ Pukey Pukerton had something brown for dinner.

Thai food? Here comes the hurl!

Posted: Aug. 14, 2011

Premise of Video: As mentioned, this is Friday night during the Steelers-Skins preseason tilt. Before you bust our balls over not ripping the video and rotating us, would have but watched it once and kinda puked on the keyboard. It’s a mess and we’re now writing this from the company iPad.

Climax of Video: Thai food!

Conclusion: Very rare moment in the black community. This might be a Busted Coverage first. Looks like bro got him some nappy time in that aisle seat. This is where the wingman has to intervene and get his drunk ass buddy out before he’s arrested or takes a leak down his leg.


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