Mark Sanchez 2011 GQ Photos: Shirtless, Wet & Muscles Popping

Just for the ladies and Jets fanboy out there who has yet to get enough of a shirtless Mark Sanchez, we give you the 2011 GQ photo dumb of your sexy 10-for-15, 147 yards QB. The last time GQ went to the Sanchez well was 2009 and at least he was had Hilary Rhoda hanging on him. Not this time.

From the initial photos out of GQ this is a solo Sanchez shoot where you get to see his dehydrated muscles & great hair.

The big news in this year’s interview is that Sanchez said there was a time during the 2010 season when he wanted to fight Rex Ryan.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer approached. He repeated that Ryan wanted Brunell to take extra reps. “I was like, ‘He can come tell me,’ ” Sanchez says. “And [Schottenheimer] is like, ‘Come on, man, don’t do that.'”

Eventually the crisis passed. Sanchez held his ground, kept his job, and managed not to alienate his friend. But the episode remains something of a sore point with Sanchez. In a locker room where everything is a laughing matter, Sanchez hasn’t yet joked with Ryan about that almost-benching. And he doesn’t expect to. “I wanted to fight him,” Sanchez says. “I was really mad.”

Then Mark changed the subject to Louis Vuitton handbags and white Gucci jeans. Meanwhile, Eli Manning – remember him – has a Super Bowl ring, seems to be married to a great Southern chick and has no trouble dominating a pair of chinos.

We hear there will be a Gap spread in November with Eli whittling a walking stick and making his own leather football helmet.

[Full interview: Broadway Mark – Esquire]

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