Chinese Blast Smoke Guns After LeBron Dunked On [Video]

Yes, the images are blurry, but that is some Chinese dude going up for a two-handed dunk over The King. You won’t be seeing this on Maverick Carter’s Twitter account, but the locals are still buzzing about this display of athleticism – from one of their own. This happened late last week and surprisingly it has yet to be leaked to ESPN by the Nike camp. Imagine that.

Just more of LeBron‘s summer vacation being a complete disaster. A dunk and a three-pointer in his face.

Posted: Aug. 12, 2011

Premise of Video: This one is pretty self-explanatory. For those wondering the exact location of where this game was played, sorry. Of course LeBron doesn’t exactly care what’s going on in front of us and then #31 elevates.

Climax of Video: Did that Asian dude just go up with two hands and jam? Yes he did. But just wait, there’s more.

Conclusion: Um, the NBA needs the backboard smoke guns.

Bonus Conclusion: A travel and errant pass from LeBron. Pretty sure this was the 4th quarter.

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