Brooklyn Decker Reads Book During Reds Game With Roddick [Photos]

If this incident went down at Yankee Stadium or Citifield it would be gossip page and Entertainment Tonight fodder. But, when Brooklyn Decker shows up with Andy Roddick at Great American Ballpark, it barely moves the Twitter world. It’s not just that Brooklyn was in town and hanging in the expensive seats behind the plate with Roddick.  It’s that she was bored out of her mind with the Reds and Padres Friday night tilt.

The SI swimsuit magazine cover model was actually reading a book, or so it seems.

Just one message from Roddick about the game.

At reds game cheering our buddy homer Bailey

Of course people watching the game saw Decker reading a book and all Hell broke loose.

I had a book at a baseball game bc we got there early and I felt like reading! Wasn’t reading during play! Get off my case you non-readers!

Then this.

Reading Hunger Games. If I finish the book by tonight, that’s all 3 in 3 days. Either my life is that boring or they really are THAT good.

Um, Brooklyn, not sure when this interview with your husband went down but it sure looks like you’re reading Hunger Games in at least one screencap. C’mon, girlfriend, you don’t have to feel guilty for reading a book during a stupid, meaningless baseball game. Continue to encourage kids to read and look at the swimsuit issue. That’s being a role model.


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