Sugarland Stage Collapse At Indiana State Fair [Video]

Of course, there’s no football or sports angle to this one but you’re searching for the video so why not take the time this morning to show you what went down at the Indiana State Fair last night. Country band Sugarland was performing and the weather got crazy. As you’ll see in the HD video, things go from just bad weather to tragic as that massive stage roof comes crumbling down on fans there to see the show.

Via the Indy Star:

The crowd was poised in anticipation, including scores of people pressed up against the stage, just seconds before country music sensation Sugarland was to perform at the State Fair on Saturday night.

Above the stage, nestled in the rigging, a crew member had taken his position, ready to shine a spotlight on the action.

But the weather near the Indiana State Fairgrounds was starting to get dicey. Backstage, State Police special operations commander Brad Weaver was watching an ugly storm moving in on radar via his smartphone. He and fair Executive Director Cindy Hoye decided it was time to evacuate the crowd.

But a minute later, when WLHK program director Bob Richards addressed the crowd, the word was that the show would go on, and that the crowd should be prepared to find shelter if things changed.