Tweets: How Kendrick Perkins Public Intox In Beaumont, Texas Went Down


There are all sorts of rumors flying around about what happened outside a club called The Ticket in Beaumont, Texas early this morning. What we do know is that OKC Thunder‘s Kendrick Perkins was taken to jail on public intox charges. What we also know is that an altercation of some sort happened at that club. MediaTakeOut, the trustworthy site they are, is reporting shots were fired. Meanwhile, those tweeting about the fight say nothing about shots fired.

Here is what Twitter users were saying at 4 a.m.

@DJ_KEY_BEATZ is Perkins’ DJ/super producer/ web designer, according to his Twitter account. He hasn’t tweeted since about 2 a.m. Why was Perkins in Beaumont, Tx? It’s his hometown. A celebrity basketball game with his buddy Rajon Rondo and Kevin Durant was supposed to happen yesterday but was cancelled.

But the party at The Ticket went down and all Hell broke loose.

Carry on.

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