Ben Turner Is 2011 Tiger Woods Cigar Guy [Video]

His name is Ben Turner and he’s being called the Tiger Woods Cigar Guy of 2011 after his crazy antics resulted in one of the better golf TV moments of the year. The guy considers himself a Tiger super fan and says he can name all 71 victories on Eldrick’s resume. Turner isn’t just some drunken schlub wasting a Friday following his hero. He’s dedicated to this sport. Dude actually claims he kinda knew Tiger would shank his shot in this direction. Ben’s big TV moment.

Before we get to the video, if you want to keep track of Turner’s future antics, follow him on Twitter.

Posted: Like seconds after he jumped in front of the TNT camera

Premise of Video: Jay Busbee at Devil Ball Golf caught up with Turnerand got the basis for him being even close to this shot.

Well, I wasn’t surprised when Tiger blocked it right. Tiger’s miss is usually 290-305 yards to the right, and that’s exactly where I was located EXPECTING Tiger to drive it there. On Thursday, I did the same thing on the 12th hole, Tiger’s third hole of the day, and enjoyed being five feet from him as well.

When Tiger was visualizing the shot I noticed the TNT camera over Bryon Bell’s shoulder. I thought it would be neat if Tiger struck it well to show my zeal for Tiger on camera.

Climax of Video: Mr. Excitement gets his moment in TV sunshine

Conclusion: The guy was completely sober. Go figure.

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