Rays’ Spring Training Rental Full Of Pot Says Thief [Cuff ‘Em]


Remember back in the spring when a Rays training camp rental belonging to Evan Longoria, David Price and Steve Brignac was burglarized? Yeah, well two punks are now in police custody for ripping off electronics, watches, jewelry and even an AK-47. But one of the suspects has dropped a bomb on the investigation, making the claim that there was some bud in the pad. How much bud? A bunch of bud. Is this just a huge accusation to save his ass or is it possible one of the Rays burns?

According to NBC2 in Tampa:

The players reportedly returned home after the game and discovered that $60,000 in items had been stolen, including numerous electronics, watches, jewelry and an AK-47.

One of the suspects told deputies that during the burglary, he also took a Rubbermaid container with marijuana inside.

“These kids look up to these celebrities. Why wasn’t that talked about?” asked the mother of one of the suspects. “Why didn’t they mention about the big tub of marijuana that was supposedly at the house?”

Detectives continue to investigate the incident.

So let us get this straight, you want the Rays to be in trouble for pot you say you stole from their house and there’s no evidence of said pot ever existing? C’mon, brother. That’s the best you got? The team is in the middle of a wild card chase and you want to drop a Rubbermaid claim on the Rays?

Would someone from Florida tell us why people in Florida are so damn stupid? Anyone?


[Burglary suspect: Pot found in Rays rental home]

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