Patriots Craiglist Poster Offers OchoCinco His Parents’ Basement


We’re pretty sure the following Craigslist posting offering OchoCinco the opportunity to move in with some guy’s parents is a joke. Pretty sure, but stranger things have happened and maybe Ocho would be down with the 1500 sq. ft. basement with “the fastest Internet this side of Cincinnati.” You gotta hand it to Patriots fan, they finally have someone with a shred of personality compared to Darth Vader and his sweatshirt.

Here is the best, and only, fake (or is it real) offer on Craigslist for #85:

Is you name Chad Ochocinco? Are you looking for a place to stay for the first few weeks of the NFL season in the Foxboro area? Well have I got the place for you! Fully furnished (parents) basement available immediately. Live the life of your average fan and live with my parents. I actually don’t, but you can, its fun, they cook and clean so that’s good.
Perks include: (1 & 2 is all you)
1) The fastest internet speed available to the public this side of Cincinnati (50mbit/sec) so you can online shop, read your emails, and skype with Tom all you want!
2) Two, how should I put this,”enhance fun” xbox 360 systems, every game, EVER. Live enabled. (please have your own gamertag as I do not share mine)
3) Google says the stadium is 5 miles away, I know a shortcut though.
4) I’ll show you around this fine state. As an added bonus I’ll even show you the zen of catching passes.
5) I guess your own bed and privacy, if you are in to that.
6) Me, I’m pretty awsome at stuff and like fun.

The listing is from Sharon, Mass. The guy isn’t lying. Foxborough is just south on I-95.

According to Ocho’s requests made earlier this week, he’s looking for a legitimate Patriots fan to live with.

“I’m going to do something different, I’m actually going to stay with a fan for the first two, three weeks of the season,” he told reporters after a recent practice. “That should be fun, until I get myself acclimated and learn my way around.”

The rent with the parents? FREE.

[Poster via…@Dshann26]

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