Heather Attempts To Turn Gay Tony Romo Fans Straight [11 Photos]


Guys, we keep telling you that following @heathero14 isn’t a yes or no option. Click “FOLLOW,” you idiots. Instead you’ll waste your life wondering what Jay Mohr thinks about Fed Ex and UPS. Meanwhile, our friend Heather is posting shots – fresh out of the shower – of the diamond cutters in a Romo jersey. Like this #$% doesn’t happen every day on the Internet & when it does, it’s never the gonzo, mirror kind.

That’s all from my ass this week. Hitting the road for some football, a decent amount of alcohol and then a weekend of giving the fingers a wrest.

Further pic perusing, if you have the time on this Friday evening. This should keep you losers stuck at home busy before first pitch in Philly.

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