Ex-UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Really Is An Artist [Photos]

Earlier this week we were reading about how Dana White was ripping a bunch of jerkoff MMA bloggers because they thought he fired Ring Girl Brittney Palmer. Yeah, probably not the biggest thing to worry about as the stock market dropped 600 points, but it’s what drives pageviews. White said something to the effect that Palmer was concentrating on her artwork right now. Come to find out, the guy was serious.

Um, Palmer really is an artist who can go wrist bra & Ali in a matter of minutes.


“Nothing happened with Brittney Palmer. It’s one of those situations where Brittney has moved on to other things,” said White. “She’s living in L.A. now, she wants to be an artist, she’s going to art school and she has a great relationship with us. She’s still doing stuff with us but it gets so crazy because this is one of those sports where the fans are into everything and I have no problem talking about anything.

Can’t blame the jerkoff MMA bloggers on this one. A hot chick comes along, becomes a pageviews machine and suddenly disappears. That usually causes people to freak out. We’re talking paychecks with fewer zeros. Then, on the other hand, can’t blame Palmer for sticking to her dream of creating Jim Morrison paintings and doing wrist bras on the side for extra paint cash.

Before you ask, yes, we’ll be commissioning Palmer to body paint Jaime Edmondson for our next photoshoot. Should be a blast.

[Brittney Palmer Paintings]

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