Move It, Tubby, We’re Sending In Kevin The Intern [26 Photos]

A few of you have been wondering about what our boy Kevin The Intern (who started a blogosphere intern craze back in 2008) has been up to. We’re happy to report that Kev is entering his final semester at Purdue and moves one step closer to entering the world as a productive citizen. But the guy is still all about the broads, especially the supermodels. He sent over this gallery begging us to post it.

So we’ll post it, but it comes with a price. Kev has to update us on how it’s been going with the chicks.

* Alessandra Ambrosio, Malibu, August 10

“Uh, I’m just worrying about graduating and then I’ll get a chick,” is what he keeps telling us.

For those of you out there with the same mindset as Kevin, it’s time to listen up. You have 1, maybe 2 semesters in college remaining? Your ass better be man-whoring it for the next 8-10 months. Two chicks in the same night during home football games this Fall. Bonus points if you can talk them into a three-way.

Laugh at our asses now. One of these days you’ll be where Uncle Busted Coverage is – getting old(er).

So while it seems like a good idea to hold out for the Alessandra Ambrosio of Wichita State, drop the expectations to 7s & 8s and just go nuts. Enough 7.5s and a 9 will be like sleeping with Gisele.

And with that, it’s officially announced that Kevin The Intern will soon need a replacement. Do you want Kevin’s job? Email us.

[email protected]

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