Listen: Jack Trudeau Vs. IU Football Coach Kevin Wilson [Audio Brawl]

The Indiana football team has a new football coach named Kevin Wilson and this is his first BCS-level head coaching job. Dude is amped to take the Hoosiers from the usual Big Ten doormat to a team at the top of the conference. Good luck, coach. Kevin took time out of his morning today to join the Zakk & Jack (Trudeau) Show. It didn’t exactly go very well for either side. Let’s just say Kevin wasn’t in a mood for joking.

First, listen to this audio.

Yes, Trudeau makes a couple cracks about IU football, but the guy has kids going to school there and actually goes to games in Bloomington. In other words, the guy has an investment at the campus. Yes, Jack went to Illinois.

Wilson, who has made it known since taking the IU job that this isn’t the same old Hoosiers, didn’t enjoy the jabs that were going national via Fox Sports Radio. You’ll hear what ensued.

Then there was the post-interview video where Trudeau stayed on the attack.

Wilson has the #1 ranked pro-style QB coming to IU next year, but that should matter very little since the school is legendary for its awful defense. Let’s not forget that Wilson inherits a defensive squad that gave up 83 to Wisconsin last year.

We shall see how long the tough guy approach will last. He has a seven-year contract.

[Zakk & Jack Show]

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