Florida State Cheerleaders 2011 Scouting Report: Chelsea [12 Photos]

It’s that time of year when Busted Coverage unleashes it’s photo gathering & college research team on campuses from the Atlantic to the Pacific in search of college cheerleaders. Today we go straight up the USA Today Top 25 poll and peek in at Florida State where, for the first time in a long time, the ladies will be cheering for a high-profile program. Our first subject for ’11 is Chelsea Campbell.

(Now, before we are crucified for printing a last name, Chelsea gladly makes it public on Twitter.)

Folks, you need to realize that if the Seminoles can beat Oklahoma in Tallahassee the third week of the season, you could possibly be looking at a BCS Championship team. That’s why we are planning to show extra attention towards the FSU cheerleaders. As Oregon has done over the last two years, it’s our believe that Florida State could be a Google pageviews machine. Hence the extensive coverage we’re about to force on you.

The Chelsea Campbell File:

• 20

• Like Jersey Shore

• Known to tweet Riley Cooper

• Spends quality time in the Keys

• Once tweeted, “I wish I knew how to drive.”

• Got straight A’s during spring semester (adjust your marriage proposals accordingly)

If you have a 2011 college football cheerleader we need to know about and profile, do your thing:

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