David Arrigo Is Greatest Goalie Mask Artist You’ve Never Heard Of [Photos]

Although he has no formal art training, David Arrigo just might be the greatest goalie mask artist we’ve ever seen.

Arrigo has done masks for the known and the unknown. In the known category, he’s painted masks for the Pittsburgh Penguins Brent Johnson, the Montreal Canadiens Carey Price, former Red Wings keeper Mike Vernon, and the Phoenix Coyotes Jason LaBarera. The guy has also been commissioned by the Dodgers to design a mask for Brad Ausmus.

Arrigo’s masks range from the absurd (Angry Birds) to the awesome (Led Zeppelin). And yes, he can also do more traditional masks, but those are no fun.

Says Arrigo about his Angry Birds’ mask:

When it comes to Angry Birds there are very few remaining corners of the world that remain untouched by this phenomenon.  I think its safe to say this is the first Angry Birds themed goalie mask, and from the responses I am receiving, clearly it won’t be the last.

The concept was brought to me by a goaltender who plays for the Toronto Junior Canadiens and who now owns what might be arguably the most talked about goalie mask so far this summer.

Here’s a sampling of his work.

[David Arrigo]

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