8 Best #Spydome Signs From Blue Jays Fans [Photos]

Last night was the first game at the Sky Dome (yes, we old stadium names) after ESPN unleashed its Spy Dome investigation. Fans, being the quirky Toronto fans they are, came out in droves with their “Stealing Signs” signs. Multiple teams say their signs are being stolen, yet the Blue Jays remain just 2 games over .500 at home. Supposedly, there is a guy wearing white sitting in center field who’s relaying signs. 

How much fun are fans having with this stupidity? They’ve created the #spydome hash and there is word that shirts will soon be for sale. The story is so big that it’s front page fodder for the Toronto newspapers.

Before you even think of buying it, www.spydome is taken. Take a look at buying www.torontospydome instead.

Look, this is the dumbest investigation ESPN has ever sent its i-Team to dissect. This might even rival the Steve Phillips fake news conferences for all-time worst baseball moments in WWL history.

According to the ESPN article:

“We know what you’re doing,” he said, referring to the man in white, according to the player and two witnesses. “If you do it again, I’m going to hit you in the [f——] head.”

Bautista was only hit by a pitch 10 times in 2010. He’s only been hit three times this year. And while we’re at it, Jose was drilled 16 times in 2006 when he hit 16 dongs.

Just saying.

[Signs of trouble in Toronto]

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