War Eagle! Go Auburn! Now Eat That Lizard, Biggin! [Video]


Want to know what South Florida’s two-deeps look like? Trying to keep track of who Utah has at safety? Interested in how Steve Sarkisian’s offense will handle the departure of Jake Locker? Wrong blog. But if you want to see a year-old YouTube video of Auburn chick being egged on to eat this lizard, we’re your site. ‘C’mon, pound it. Getcha a swig of Dew and bite it in half.’ Oh, college football how we love you. 

Posted: Sept. 28, 2010

Premise of Video: Yes, we understand this one has been around for a year and has just under 6k YouTube plays. It had a brief run, but comes back today as part of our College Football ’11 coverage to illustrate the fandome in the United States for Auburn football, lizards and Mountain Dew.

Climax of Video: Probably the multiple reactions biggin’ has to swallowing that lizard. At least she bites off the tail soon after the video starts. Gets quickly to the point.

Conclusion: Look, if you root for Michigan State this seems like nonsense. But just think of how this plays in Alabama. Roll Tide fan makes a video of himself eating calamari and Auburn fan one-ups the guy by eating a lizard. These people are just always in competition. Those of you in Michigan compete amongst each other to see who can go longest without a rusted out quarter panel on your Cadillac. It’s just a difference in communities.

War Eagle!

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