The Photoshopping of Shaq & Girlfriend Hoopz Has Begun

We told you about this on Monday, but figured it needed and update since it’s all the rage right now.

It’s the photo that all the Adobe Photoshop p-funk hipmasters are chatting about this week. Shaq and his new-ish girlfriend ‘Hoopz’ exiting a store has become the Internet’s fun thanks to the 7-footer and his spray-tanned honey. When a photo gets passed from I-Am-Bored to Reddit to Buzzfeed, it can be considered to have considerable hipster street cred. See what the Photoshoppers have been up to.

Just think of the time spent building clipping paths and reconstructing Shaq’s hand. This is why we love this country. Sure, China might have all of our jobs, but somehow America pulls through and finds time to make Shaq five-foot-nothing and then blow up his chick into a juice-head gorilla.

Thank you, Internet.

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