Playmate Jaime Edmondson Gets In Cam Newton’s BCS Pants [Update]

For those of you who laughed at us for buying Cam Newton’s BCS Championship game pants, and emailed us to call us stupid, who’s laughing now? About 13 hours ago, Playboy’s Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmondson modeled the pants in a shoot that is going to make these pants bigger than life. The photos will become a must-see. Boys will clamor for a poster for their wall.

Fathers will oblige. This is big time.

Jaime sorta live tweeted her adventure this week with the pants:

Hair-check, makeup-check, football-check, eye black-check, Auburn shirt-check, Cam’s pants-check

How do u make a 6-6 250lbs man’s pants fit a 5-9 125lbs female?…lots of gaffer tape & a big ass clamp from home depot!

What else do we know about the shoot? Nothing. No, BC wasn’t in L.A. No, we haven’t seen the photos. Legendary Playboy photographer Josh Ryan handled the shoot so this isn’t like you and your wife/girlfriend having dress-up night in the master bedroom. He’s L.A. based and works for Playboy. Do the math.

Now, obviously you guys want to know when the photos will be released. The details are being worked out. This isn’t just a photo dump scenario. We’re talking the biggest name in college football over the last decade. A transcending figure. Heisman. BCS. #1 overall. And a Playmate wearing those pants.

This calls for a legitimate party that we’ll soon announce.

*For more Jaime, and her very own sports blog, visit her Play-By-Playmate column. And don’t forget to get signed up for her fantasy football league. Um, yours truly will have a special part in the league. See you there.



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