Just Brett Favre Drinking Smoothie, Wearing Gun Boat Shirt [i-Team]


Amazingly, yesterday there were only a couple of tweets re: Brett Favre and not even one from Peter King or ESPN. Suddenly the guy isn’t being rumored to be in camp with the Dolphins or any NFL team. So imagine our surprise when we found the guy with his arm around a possible high schooler (something…GHS) and wearing a gun-boat exposing greaser shirt while out in public. What’s this all about? 

According to the smoothie geniuses at the Tropical Smoothie Café in Hattiesburg, MS:

Mallory, a great member of the TSC staff & Brett Favre enjoying Kiwi Quencher smoothies this afternoon

That’s all we know. Nothing from Mallory. No idea if she was creeped out by his sweaty Favre pit on her exposed shoulder.

(*Notice Favre didn’t go with hand on the shoulder, don’t you know I’m a dirty, sexting grandfather move.)

What does this all mean? Surely Pro Football Talk can turn this into something. Maybe Florio can take the photo, add in a newspaper comment from the Sun-Sentinel and suddenly have Favre making Dolphins camp by supper.

Do your thing, Internet. Act like you hate the guy all you want. A single photo of the boats and a chick get you chatty like a sorority girl.


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