Barry Zito Engaged To Miss Missouri Amber Seyer [Photos]

San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito is reportedly engaged to former Miss Missouri Amber Seyer, according to the sleuths at The Big Lead, who even tracked down an engagement tweet from Seyer’s cousin.

Both Zito and Seyer, who wore the Miss Missouri crown in 2007, have been quiet about their relationship, but the pair were spotted together at a Grammy party earlier this year.

Seyer, who’s turned to acting since her beauty queen days ended, is a small-town girl. She hails from Oran, Missouri, which has a population of just over 1,200. Her parents are or were reportedly pig farmers.

Well, now Seyer is tying a bow on the pig that is Barry Zito and calling him a pitcher. It’s kind of like everything has come full circle.Actually, she’s probably not even calling him a pitcher. Zito hasn’t had a good season since 2006 when he went 16-10 for the Oakland A’s. The guy is set to make $19mm in 2012 and $20mm in 2013. He also has a sweet option year in 2014 when he could pick up some extra guitar money.

The final financial tally if Barry leaves baseball in 2014? Just under $80mm made in his career. The guy has only made three all-star teams.

Of course, the former Cy Young winner is a fairly handsome dude and he’s as rich as Scrooge McDuck, so Seyer could probably care less about his on-field performance.

While that’s been a work in progress for some time, Zito’s off-field exploits have been both top notch and well chronicled. He’s been linked to actresses Alyssa Milano, Hillary Duff, Lauren German and socialite Paris Hilton. Before Seyer, he was linked to Arizona party girl Ari Brugh.

Anyone see a pattern here?

[Barry Zito’s Having a Terrible Season…- The Big Lead]

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