Alleged Volleyball Prostitute Marisa Ruckel Partying For Her Freedom [Photos]


It’s the story that keeps on giving. Seriously, if the emails would stop coming in, we’d move on to other stories of the day. But no, two new emails came in last night regarding Lindsey Wilson College’s now ex-volleyballer Marisa Ruckel. You might remember her for last week’s prostitution bust. She had been preparing for a volleyball season. Now she’s just partying to stay out of jail. PARTY TONIGHT!

According to those who’ve been feeding our inbox with updates on the ‘Forbidden Five,’ the ladies will be holding a legal defense fund raiser tonight at Zazoo’s Bar & Grill, 102 Bauer Louisville, KY 40207.

The place actually exists.

Of course that info came from their YouTube PR team who uses the MyGirlsOnCall handle. Look, these aren’t elite East Coasters we’re dealing with here.

As for those emails from last night, there was no real news about Ms. Ruckel. However, we did learn that she has some crazy bank ink that you’d never have guessed if you just looked at her volleyball mug shot.

It’s too bad BC can’t make tonight’s bash. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a good time with lots of 50-50 raffles, drinks flowing and maybe a few body shots.

If you’re in the area and want to be our representative to this party, feel free. We’re not paying for drinks or your hospital stay when beer bottles start flying.

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