The Top 50 NFL Twitter Must-Follows

As all of you know there are a good amount of characters in the NFL. From psychos to goofballs, the NFL has it all. That is what makes Twitter such a treat to have because it allows these guys to say anything they want at the click of a mouse with no agents, managers or PR guys telling them to stop. Some great things have come from NFL player tweets and that’s why Busted Coverage decided to put together a list of the Top 50 NFL Twitter Must-Follows so you never miss any of the great tweets that these guys put out there.

Chad Ochocinco, @Ochocinco

Had to get him out of the way earlier. The guy was tweeting pics of a pregnant pigeon on his roof for gods sake. He may be a bit toned down now that he’s under the watch of Bill Belichick and the Patriots but Chad is always good for some entertainment.

Terrell Owens, @TerrellOwens

Might as well take care of both Batman and Robin early. Some people hate him, but many love him which is what makes T.O. such an entertaining guy. He may say some dumb sh*t but isn’t that what Twitter is for? If you don’t follow him you should hop to it.

Stevie Johnson, @StevieJohnson13

Keeping with the trend of entertaining receivers not afraid to voice their opinions, Stevie seems ready to accept the torch from T.O. and Ochocinco. This Buffalo Bill enjoyed a breakout season and became known around the league after his “Why So Serious?” TD celebration against the Bengals. Oh yeah. And he blamed God via Twitter for a dropped TD pass against the Steelers.

Rob Gronkowski, @RobGronkowski

This young Patriots tight end is definitely entertaining. He was seen numerous times partying in Arizona during the lockout and is not shy about his tweets. He once wished Kate Upton happy birthday via Twitter and asked if she wanted some birthday spanks. That right there should be enough to keep this guy on your radar.

Marcedes Lewis, @MarcedesLewis89

This big Jaguar tight end might not say the most controversial things on Twitter, but he is very interactive with the fans. He often re-tweets and replies to his followers, so if you like fan-player interaction or are a supporter of the Jaguars you should definitely follow Marcedes.

Steve Smith, @SteveSmithNY

Steve Smith may be a quiet guy on the field but he is all over Twitter. Smith is frequently holding contests and sending signed memorabilia and photos to fans who answer a trivia question correctly. These types of things are what is so cool about Twitter and are why you should definitely follow Steve Smith, even if you aren’t a Giants fan.

Chris Kluwe, @ChrisWarcraft

I’m sure most of you are thinking who the hell is Chris Kluwe? He is the outspoken punter for the Vikings and he does not hold anything back when he is tweeting. He is always tweeting funny observations or jokes and was extremely active in calling out Roger Goodell during the lockout. If you follow one punter, make sure its Kluwe.

Terrell Thomas, @TerrellThomas24

Out of the blue a few weeks ago, Terrell Thomas decided to do 24 giveaway contests in one day (because his number is 24). He sent out signed photos, gloves and many other cool souvenirs any fan would love. His tweets are pretty normal, but if a guy is willing to take the time to do 24 contests for his fans, he deserves a follow.

Rey Maualuga, @maualuga58

The inclusion of this Bengals LB seems random but he is just real down to earth on Twitter. He doesn’t tweet nonsense and is rarely controversial, but very often you will see Maualuga taking time out of his day to respond to several of his fans tweets.

Antonio Cromartie, @A_Cromartie31

This unpredictable Jet is quite the character as evidenced by HBO’s Hard Knocks last summer. I’m going to leave you with a quote from his tweets last week: “U all remember when u was growing up and u would get a spankin by the ppl in your community and then they told on you and u got another one…Now ppl in the community don’t care about nothing but themselves…it’s a crazy crazy world that we live in…” Not sure what that means, but follow Cromartie and you might get more insightful tweets like this.

Shawne Merriman, @shawnemerriman

The Bills linebacker is a spark plug. Yes, some thing his days as “Lights Out” are behind him, but he still puts up a good fight on Twitter, specifically between him and Chad Ochocinco. These two have been beefing on Twitter for quite some time now and their threatening tweets are fun to see. Even more fun is going to be when the Bills meet the Patriots for the first time and Merriman will be on the hunt.

Chris Cooley, @thecooleyzone

Cooley may be famous on the internet for the wrong reason (tweeting a pic showing a bit too much skin). That doesn’t mean he is not one of the more entertaining tweeters out there. His unpredictability only adds to his appeal on Twitter because you truly never know what you are going to get from him. We just gotta hope he is more careful next time he posts pictures, because frankly no one needs to see that.

Jay Feely, @JayFeely

Feely was the Cardinals player rep throughout the lockout and the CBA negotiations. He was very active on Twitter throughout the whole process keeping fans informed on what was going on. He is also not afraid to voice his opinions on politics. If you follow don’t be shy and voice your opinion right back because Feely is known to be quite interactive.

Rashard Mendenhall, @R_Mendenhall

The Steelers running back got his Twitter fame after the US killed Bin Laden. He was saying some pretty controversial sh*t about how we shouldn’t be happy that Osama was killed blah blah blah. He was criticized openly for these tweets, but he backed them up to freedom of speech. Whatever, I guess that’s what Twitter is for.

Aaron Rodgers, @aaronrodgers12

Fresh off of a Super Bowl Championship, Rodgers has become one of the most fun and interactive guys on Twitter. He is just a goofy guy who says funny and sarcastic things pretty frequently and is good for a laugh.

Josh Scobee, @JoshScobee10

The Jaguars kicker doesn’t have that many followers which allows him to interact with the followers that he has very often. Chances are if you follow Scobee and have something good to say, you very well may get a tweet back from him. On top of that he is actually pretty hilarious too.

Adam “Pacman” Jones, @REALPACMAN24

He says some pretty generic stuff on Twitter, a lot about what/where he is eating. I understand that no one gives a sh*t about what Pacman eats for lunch, but with someone as unpredictable and crazy as him, it is worth following him just in case he pulls something wild.

Chris Gronkowski, @Chrisgronkowski

The second of the Gronkowski brothers to make the list, Chris is a fullback for the Cowboys and has his fair share of funny, immature things to say, just like his younger brother Rob.

Martellus Bennett, @MartyisDope

Bennett is a tight end on the Cowboys and is just a straight up weird, goofy dude. This is his info on Twitter: “Patio Junkie, Rooftop Hippie, Professional Brainstormer, Super Ninja, Genius, married to a Gypsy” He uses Twitter to get his inner weirdness out there for everyone to see.

Tim Tebow, @TimTebow

Don’t expect anything controversial or inappropriate here. Tebow has a lot of followers but still finds time to interact with a lot of them. Also, if you need some motivational quotes to boost your spirit, check Tebow’s page often, he’s good for them.

Ndamukong Suh, @ndamukong_suh

This big DT is a really popular guy on Twitter and rightfully so. After just one year in the NFL he already has over 100,000 followers. He is funny and extremely fan friendly.

Tank Johnson, @TankJohnson99

Tank Johnson has gotten in his fair share of trouble over the years, but that is not why he is on this list. He tweets genuinely funny thoughts and observations about his day and is not afraid to say anything.

DeSean Jackson, @DeSeanJackson10

Jackson is one of the most high energy, cocky players in the NFL and that is what makes him so great on Twitter. He is hilarious and tweets in some pretty ghetto slang, which is sometimes tough to understand. He tweets about anything and everything and usually puts a pretty funny twist to everything.

James Harrison, @jharrison9292

One of the most intimidating forces in the league does not watch what he says. He openly criticizes NFL policies and Commissioner Goodell and doesn’t care who knows it. On top of being a bit of a loose cannon, he also does the occasional giveaway contest which is always a plus.

Shaun Phillips, @ShaunPhillips95

Phillips has over 400,000 followers and is a pretty cool and fun guy on Twitter. Nothing too crazy, but still enough to keep your attention. He tweets a lot which is good and he is a fan friendly guy, making it worth your while to follow him.

Marshawn Lynch, @MoneyLynch

Lynch doesn’t tweet that often, but when he does it has potential to be really funny. Self-proclaimed “Beast Mode” is a goofy guy with a fun loving personality, so when he tweets its usually pretty funny.

Nick Barnett, @NickBarnett

One of the most fan-friendly, interactive players out there. This newly acquired Bills linebacker is already becoming a fan favorite and he hasn’t even played a game yet. He is funny, nice and with over 400,000 followers one of the more popular NFL players on Twitter.

Drew Brees, @DrewBrees

Arguably one of the best all around people in the NFL and is widely known for his involvement in the community. This kindness translates over to Twitter where Brees really shows the fans he cares and gives them up to date information on the state of the team and how things are looking. Brees is a must follow for any Saints fan and anyone who likes some behind the scenes updates.

Braylon Edwards, @OfficialBraylon

Edwards is extremely proud and outspoken and uses Twitter to get his opinions out there. He often talks about the state of the NFL, how proud he is to be a Michigan Wolverine and frequently says some pretty funny stuff. For example, Edwards recently tweeted ” Today while in the sauna I saw a 350lb female life guard. Was I wrong for laughing one, two filing a complaint? Lol” Gems like that are worth a follow.

Michael Vick, @MikeVick

Has a ton of followers already so don’t be upset if he doesn’t respond to all your tweets, but Vick shows his appreciation for his fans all the time. He is constantly tweeting how great his fans are and also lets you know of some stuff that is going on in practice and workouts etc.

Mike Sims-Walker, @MikeSimsWalker

Nothing specific about Sims-Walker that makes him a must follow, he is just a goofy guy on Twitter. He says some random, funny things, and he is often seen interacting with fans and answering questions they have.

Adrian Wilson, @adrian_wilson24

Not only does Wilson interact and tweet with fans, he also does a lot of tweeting with his teammates. I think its cool seeing teammates bond and chat off the field and Wilson is a great guy to follow if you want to see those interactions.

Julio Jones, @juliojones_11

Jones looks like he is primed to become one of the more promising young receivers in the league. His talents also extend to the Twitter game where he can be seen updating fans often on what he is doing, often with pictures accompanying. He also likes to chat with other young players around the league, sometimes talking some smack.

Ray Rice, @RayRice27

Another talented youngster, Rice is all over Twitter, tweeting multiple times daily. He too is another guy who interacts with teammates, other players and fans all the time. He also keeps fans up to date with how practices and other team activities are going.


CJ is a pretty cool guy on Twitter. Not too long ago he took a half hour out of his day and just chatted with fans via Twitter. Stuff like that really stands out in the eyes of the fan and Spiller knows that and uses Twitter to better interact with fans and teammates.

Larry Fitzgerald, @LarryFitzgerald

Fitzgerald is one of the most popular NFL players on Twitter and he is closing in on 900,000 followers. He tweets all the time and is always really positive, frequently posting motivational lines and various photos. He’s a really cool guy and is definitely worth following.

Jeremy Shockey, @JeremyShockey

Shockey was a bit of a loose cannon back in the day, but he has kind of cooled down in recent years. He still remains a cool guy to follow on Twitter and gives a lot of updates on what sort of activities he and the team are participating in. You should also follow him because you never really know if he will be his old self one day and tweet something crazy.

Darnell Dockett, @ddockett

This Cardinals defensive tackle is a chatty one and tweets all the time. He posts pictures, music he is listening too, team updates and any other random thoughts that pop into his head. Some are funny, some not so much, but either way Dockett is worth a follow. He also is known for live tweeting his encounter with police after he got pulled over and refused to let them search his car. Awesome.

Devin Hester, @D_Hest23

Hester is fun and interacts with fans all the time. He recently held the ultimate fan contest in which followers would send in their best picture in Hester gear. Things like this are awesome and Hester is awesome for doing them.

Joe Haden, @joehaden23

Haden tweets a lot and most of his tweets have the fans in mind. He is always mentioning how great the Browns fans are and hosts contests to show his appreciation. The latest contest is for the 5 most creative twitpics he receives, and the winners receive a pair of tickets to any Browns game they want. How cool is that?!

Zane Beadles, @zanebeadles

On top of having one of the coolest names in the NFL, this Broncos offensive lineman is a pretty cool tweeter too. He is funny and gives the fans a lot of love. This was one of his recent funny tweets: “Conditioning test down. Contrary to popular belief it was not easy… #fatmanrun.” If Zane’s Twitter blows up, remember where you heard about it!

BJ Raji, @rajifreezer90

The big fella uses Twitter for what it was initially created to do. He updates his followers on his daily doings, and little else. Kind of cool to see a day in the life of a Super Bowl Champion. He is relatively new to the Twitter game so maybe in due time he will expand his activity so keep an eye on BJ.

Jerraud Powers, @jpeezy25

The Colts CB tweets non-stop. Some of it is just nonsense, but he has some pretty funny responses to his fans and also is known to post occasional pictures.

Kirk Morrison, @kirkmorrison55

Morrison is a big time tweeter and answers fans questions on a regular basis and posts the occasional photo. Morrison has over 350,000 followers so that must mean he is saying some interesting things.

Jamaal Charles, @jcharles25

Jamaal Charles has quickly put himself in the category of elite running backs in the NFL. He also brings his talents to the Twitter world and tweets regularly to fans and other players. He also has been known to throw out challenges on PS3 to any worthy opponents out there. Pretty cool to be able to play video games against an NFL star.

Brandon Meriweather, @BMeriweather31

Meriweather has been known as a hot head throughout his young career. He doesn’t go too wild on Twitter, but you never know with some of these characters. Aside from that, he tweets some pretty funny stuff and posts some cool behind the scenes pics that you wouldn’t be able to see elsewhere.

Heath Evans, @HeathEvans

The Saints fullback tweets quite often and usually has some pretty intelligent, insightful things to say. Evans is a pretty well rounded guy and knows his stuff. He also openly communicates with the fans and seems to have fun doing so.

Erik Ainge, @ErikAinge3

Ainge is currently a free agent, but is still technically an NFL player so he is allowed to make the cut for this list. He is known to tweet some pretty ridiculous and funny stuff so keep your eyes peeled for his tweets. He recently noted that he has cut back on the ridiculous tweets lately but he’ll be back at it soon. Some of these tweets you might not want to miss.

Anthony Dixon, @Boobie24Dixon

Dixon is a young RB on the 49ers from Mississippi State who is showing potential in the Twitter world. He tweets rap lyrics (some of which are pretty comedic) and other random things, but he has shown that he may develop into a strong tweeter if he keeps up the pace he is at. He is always tweeting and his tweets are funny and he is definitely worth following. If you follow him, think of him as a prospect and watch his Twitter skills grow in the coming months.

Adrian Clayborn, @AJaClay

This Buccaneers defensive end is a random guy to end the list on I know, but Clayborn is a bit of a sleeper. Just random tweets about anything and everything at a pretty constant rate. Give him a try and I bet you won’t regret it.

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