Paula Creamer’s 25th Birthday Miniskirt Is Impressive [Photos]

Just cruising our normal celebrity photo message boards today something stood out in a Paula Creamer thread. First of all, it’s a shock to find message board guys lusting after Paula Creamer. She’s such a random name from American sports and has always been considered frumpy by sports dudes in the know. Gentlemen, wait until you see the legs she unleashed at her 25th birthday over the weekend. 

Don’t believe us that Paula is gaining popularity as one of the hottest golfers on the LPGA tour? Why not ask the folks at the Malaysia Star, who recently ran a story on the Pink Panther and Natalie Gulbis with the headline ‘Hot golfers Creamer and Gulbis in town.’

It’s unclear what Creamer has done to go from English teacher to sexy, post-college ex-sorority girl, but we’re digging it. Now it’s time for the rest of the sports world to take notice on the burgeoning starlet. One of her photos posted from her birthday over the weekend only garnered 1 RT – it was from her fan club.

Even though Creamer only sports 60,000 Twitter followers, she ranks #10 on Forbes Highest Paid Female Athletes list. She made $5.5 million in the last year.

The lone golfer among the highest-paid women extended her deal with TaylorMade-Adidas Golf this year which has Creamer play TaylorMade clubs and outfitted in Adidas golf apparel.

Um, one shoot for Maxim and she’s easily a Top 5 candidate. She’d only have to jump a couple of Asians and Serena Williams.

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