Now You Can Go Bowling With A Decapitated Head [Photos]

We imagine this is what zombies or serial killers would use if they were to go bowling.

Spraygun artist Oliver Paass designed three decapitated head bowling balls for 13th Street, a German horror channel. The ball’s finger holes are located in the head’s eye sockets, mouths and noses, so it’s kind of like how you’d bowl with a real head… we guess.

We suspect these balls roll down the alley a little smoother and don’t bounce around as much, though.

The company actually replaced black balls in several bowling alleys with their severed heads. We’re sure everyone was amused.

Personally, I’d rather stick my fingers in one of these decapitated head balls than the germ farms that have been sitting down at the local alley since 1970.

Now that’s truly frightening.

[Horror Channel Rolls Out World’s Gnarliest Bowling Balls]

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