Marisa Ruckel – Alleged College Volleyball Prostitute – Invites BC To Party

Let’s get right to the facts of this story. Last week Busted Coverage posted a story on a small college volleyballer – Marisa Ruckel and how she was busted for her alleged part in a prostitution ring. Google search engines do their thing. BC’s SEO is solid. We go to top for ‘Marisa Ruckel’ searches. Marisa Googles herself. 22 hours ago a video was made inviting BC to an alleged prostitution chick party.

Little did we expect to ever see from Ms. Ruckel again since a prostitution bust usually sends college chicks into hiding until the bloggers move on to bigger and better stories like Stevie Williams. But not Ruckel. She throws on a strapless dress and finds one of her busty friends to make a YouTube video.


These ladies are trying to raise awareness for their plight – we think. The group of ladies popped in the raid are actually calling themselves the Forbidden Clark County Five. Yes, sounds very much like a grassroots Republican-led effort to overthrow a pro-Obama judge.

Anyway, the ladies have made this video to invite us – and other bloggers – to Louisville tomorrow night for a party. We’re not sure if this is just an ambush attempt. Like, we walk in and Ruckel is wearing all black and has handcuffs. The bar lights are so low we never see her slap the cuffs on.

But it’s too late. In no time we are shoved into a back room that looks like it’s straight outta Boogie Nights. Very rare for Louisville, but whatever. Ruckel’s out for revenge against the punk bloggers. After refusing to give up our WordPress username and password to gain entry to BC, Ruckel brings in the Forbidden Five.

Soon we are being beaten by Natty Light empty beer can bats. (Yeah, taped together with electrical tape.) After at least 3 hours of the torture it’s impossible to maintain consciousness. The next thing to cross our eyes is the bank of the Ohio River. The ankles are taped and it appears we were to become carp feed.

Whew, it was all just a horrible nightmare.


Via an email exchange we had with the Free The Forbidden Five Legal Defense Team:

The facebook account can be found under “freethe forbiddenfive.” Unfortunately until the legal situation is settled we really can’t comment on the case but would love to. Marisa will not be playing volleyball this year but don’t rule her out for the future. We should be shooting another youtube video today giving folks the chance to buy autographed mug/glamour shots to help fund the legal defense. Thanks for all of your support and keep in touch!

Anyway, if you live in Louisville and want to represent BC at this supposed party, let us know. Don’t blame us if you get stabbed or shot.

[email protected]

[Free The Forbidden Five – Facebook]

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