Jimmy Johnson Joins Twitter, Still Living Life You Wish You Had [12 Photos]

You have no idea how big of a smile came across the faces of those in the office today when we first noticed that Jimmy Johnson officially started tweeting at @JimmyJohnson. Why the excitement? Because it has been known for years amongst us sports Internet guys that Jimmy is living an amazing life in the Keys and he’s never shy about showing us that life.

Now we get to see it on a daily basis. Win.

The Survivor contestant’s first tweet:

Look at Marlin I caught fishing alone

His third:

fish died so put it on rack and smoked it..16 miles offshore in Islamorada

You’ve been warned. Keys fishing, football and random shots of Terry Bradshaw tying one on. Guys, it’s the life you want but can only live vicariously through Jimmy’s Twitter account. Don’t miss out on the fun.



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