Dana White Bans Speedos After Dennis Hallman Debacle [Photos]

Dana White is still irate over Dennis Hallman’s banana boat shorts during UFC 133 in Philly over the weekend. How mad is he? A ban on banana boats has been instituted. Said White, via Twitter after Hallman entered the cage: WTF!!!! Fighting in that will be illegal after tonight! Anyone want to grapple with hallman?

And today it has been announced Dana has done exactly that.

According to MMA Weekly, the commissioner took control of the situation and made sure this will never happen again.

“I’m seriously pissed off at the guys who work for us that let him walk out with those things on. I’ve never been so embarrassed in the UFC as I was when (Hallman walked out in the shorts).”

“We do now,” White answered when asked if the UFC will have a dress code now. “You know what I thought we had? I thought we had some common sense. At least a little bit of common sense. That was a really bad moment, I was horrified by that.”

What will the dress code be? We figure it’ll be the logical swim trunk look. Makes sense so that a TV camera isn’t catching a random NSFW ‘object.’

The only other U.S. fighter to ever get close to the Speedo look, according to our researchers, would have been Ken Shamrock’s look way back in the day. Fighting aficionados say that the Speedo look has been used for years by Japanese fighters. Yeah, well, it’s Dana’s league.

You want to go banana boat in a fight? Visit with Strikeforce.


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